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The Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racket is a racket inspired and played by one of the most renowned Tennis players in the world Rafael Nadal. Babolat possesses this powerful, spin friendly Pure Aero which replaces the AeroPro Drive. The Pure Aero Racket, has an upgraded aerodynamic beam along with a  higher swing weight giving the potential to punch the ball as desired. The Pure Aero gives a more comfortable playing experience than previous models, in gratitude to the elongated grommet holes that allow the strings to take in more vibrations. Babolat's FSI Spin Technology features wider spacing between the cross strings to create additional bite, and it also increases the comfort level to a more open and comfortable stringbed. At the net our team could strike volleys with a solid response, but it was serving that proved to be the highlight of this playtest. The Babolat Team were able to take control of points by bombing flat serves or throwing their opponents off balance with massive spin. Tapping into that same level of power and spin enabled our testers to rip returns without sacrificing control. With all of the Pure Aero's positive performance attributes, it might just be everyones favorite racquet from this popular line and no doubt the best Racket in the Tennis arena



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